If you wish to inquire about a possible speaking invitation,
please contact my agent Toby Mundy.

Some main speaking commitments:

(list of more recent talks to be added soon)

Invited speaker, BBC Mount Stewart Conversations (Northern Ireland, September 2018)

Invited speaker, In Code We Trust conference (Chicago, August 2018)

Invited speaker, Napoleons Summit (Arles, France, July 2018)

Invited speaker, Chatham House (London, July 2018)

Invited speaker, Workshop on Media Manipulation (Cambridge, UK, June 2018)

Keynote speaker, German Social TV Summit (Munich, June 2018)

Invited speaker, Hay Festival (Hay-on-Wye, UK, June 2018)

Invited speaker, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (April 2018)

Keynote speaker, Frivillighet Norge NGO Conference & in conversation w/Erna Solberg, Prime Minister of Norway (Oslo, February 2018)

Keynote speaker, Media Fast Forward (Brussels, December 2017)

Keynote speaker, BBC World Service conference (London, November 2017)

Invited speaker, World Forum for Democracy (Strasbourg, France, November 2017)

Invited speaker, The Forum at WebSummit (Lisbon, November 2017)

Invited speaker, Brainwash Festival (Amsterdam, October 2017)

Keynote speaker, Cambridge Festival of Ideas (Cambridge, UK, October 2017)

Keynote speaker, Czech Internet Forum (Prague, October 2017)

Invited speaker, NEXT conference; received ‘Best Speaker’ award (Hamburg, September 2017)

Invited speaker, Royal Society of Arts. (London, July 2017)

Invited speaker, ‘Ethics by Design’ (debate with Isabelle Falque Pierrotin, Chairman of French Data Protection Authority), Futur En Seine conference (Paris, June 2017)

Invited speaker, The Next Web conference (Amsterdam, May 2017)

Invited speaker, What Makes You Click workshop (Amsterdam, May 2017)

Invited speaker, TEDxAthens conference (Athens, Greece, May 2017)

Keynote speaker, Ethics by Design conference, École Normale Supérieure de Lyon (Lyon, France, May 2017)

Invited speaker, ‘Capacity-building (and capacity-draining) technologies,’ British Heart Foundation Centre on Population Approaches for Non-Communicable Disease Prevention, Nuffield Department of Population Health, University of Oxford (March 2017)

Invited speaker, ‘Values and Design,’ University of Oxford Computer Science department (February 2017)

Invited speaker, Digital Mindfulness podcast (December 2016)

Keynote speaker, Conversion Hotel conference (Texel, Netherlands, November 2016)

Keynote speaker, Smart Wearable Technologies Summit (Barcelona, September 2016)

Keynote speaker, meeting of The Association of Dutch Psychologists, on ‘The Ethics of Attention and Persuasion in Technology Design’ (Amsterdam, June 2016)

Keynote speaker, Royal College of Art information design workshop (London, May 2016)

Invited speaker, Domain7 design agency (Vancouver, May 2016)

Keynote speaker, Oxford Geek Night on ‘Distraction by Design’ (January 2016)

Keynote speaker, Breaking Borders design event (Reading, UK, February 2016)

Invited speaker, Bucharest-Oxford Workshop in Applied Ethics (Bucharest, December 2015)

Invited speaker, Oxford Playhouse, on ‘The Ethics of Persuasion in Brave New World and The Tempest’ (Oxford, October 2015)

Invited speaker (with Tristan Harris), Oxford UX group, on ‘Time Well Spent: Demanding a New Kind of Design’ (Oxford, 2015)

Invited speaker (with Nate Silver, Peter Hinssen, and others), Think With Google C-level advertising summit, on ‘The Future of Digital Measurement’ (London, 2013)

Keynote speaker, Google Digital Excellence Program, on ‘User-Centered Measurement’ (Dublin, 2013)

Invited consultant, European Commission, for the OnLife project (Brussels, 2013)

Invited speaker, Seattle Pacific University, on ‘Why Kierkegaard Matters for Product Design’ (Seattle, 2013)

Keynote speaker, Google Complex Buying Cycle conference, on ‘Customer-Centered Advertising’ (London, 2012)