The book cover for 'Stand Out of Our Light: Freedom and Resistance in the Attention Economy' by James Williams.

Here’s a recommendation: switch off your smartphone, slouch in a comfy chair, and pay your full, undivided, attention to this short, absorbing, and deeply disturbing book.
Financial Times

A landmark book.’
The Observer

‘A brilliantly written book…an instant classic in the field of tech ethics.’

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‘A very insightful and perceptive analysis…it will be the starting point for anyone who wishes to create a better future.’
-Luciano Floridi, University of Oxford

A first-rate scholarly book…rigorous, original, unpretentious, concise, and occasionally funny.’
-Christopher Eisgruber, President, Princeton University

Passionate, provocative, personal and funny!Stand Out of Our Light helps us to see what’s currently happening to the human experience and how we can take back control.’
-David Runciman, University of Cambridge

James Williams…understands the power of what is now known as the “attention economy.”’
-Chuck Norris, actor and martial artist

On the contemporary attention crisis, there is no writer who has thought deeper than Williams. Reading this refreshing and rejuvenating book will make you think hard about how life should be lived.’
Tim Wu, author of The Attention Merchants

‘If you care about the future of society, pay attention to this book.’
-Wael Ghonim, internet activist

‘[Williams’s] insight is simple and forceful. Our control of our attention is the prerequisite for imagining—and pursuing—the lives and world we want.’
LA Review of Books